NBA 2K17 Stephen Curry’s Rating Prediction

Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors has played an amazing season except for the final, what’s a pity for them, but it can not deny their sucess in last season, Curry got the back-to-back MVP with no doubt, what about his performance in the next season as well as the upcoming NBA 2K17 game, What rating will Stephen Curry be in NBA 2K17, here NBA2KBOX will make a prediction for every NBA 2K17 game fans.

nba 2k17 stephen curry
When Curry got the MVP last season in May, 2K Sport has increased his rating to a near perfect in NBA 2K16 with 30 continuous hours. every players can dewnload a roster update to bring Curry’s rating to 99 in 30 hours. it’s crazy time for Stephen Curry and for this game.

Besides to the rating 99 with limit time, Curry has overtook Lebron James as top rated player in the NBA 2K16 roster updatewith 95 rating.

Although Curry didn’t plays well in the last NBA final and Lebron James had played an invredible final match last season. Stephen Curry is also the best player in the world as well as his team Golden State Warriors. the 2K Sport will probabily give a litter promotion for Stephen’s rating in the upcome NBA 2K17.

Stephen Curry’s overall rating has reached 96 in NBA 2K16, it is likely to be 97 or even 98. rating 97’s possibility is very high. from the recently news from 2K Sports. they will feature Stephen Curry and his signature moves.


“Generally, taking deep shots, 30-35 feet, or shooting in traffic, or shooting off the dribble, we naturally penalize those things. Everyone in the league more or less gets penalized in kind of the same way, as they take these bad shots.”
“In terms of the framework, it was never really designed to handle exceptions. Even though Curry is rated a 99 in all three-point ratings, he’s still getting hit, just like everybody does. That’s where the system has to change a little bit to accommodate what he’s doing this year.”


Said by 2K Sports’ gameplay director Mike Wang.

The NBA 2K17 is expected to arrive on Sep 20, excited fans have been discussing the game for a while, speculating its features and expectations from the game’s makers. if you want to learn more NBA 2K17 News, you can pay close attention to our website.

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