The PC & XboxOne & PS4 Solution to NBA 2K16 efeab30c Error

After patch 4 there have happened numerous error codes which never occured before in online games.  The NBA 2K16 efeab30c error is one of the common problem, which usually makes you problem with your connection to the online services. the 2K Sports has not released the official solution to this problem yet, but there are some solutions online that may work. here NBA2KBOX will give the solution to solve the error code efeab30c problem.

nba 2k16 error code efeab30c
The NBA 2K16 error code efeab30c is a terrible problem, it have no effect when you tried reinstalled the game, let credits run, let demo run, reset the router. this problem confuse lots of NBA 2K game fans.


The PC & XboxOne & PS4 solution to solve this problem
NBA 2K16 error code efeab30c PC

Kaspersky internet security 2015 —->Settings>advanced —–>Threats and Exclusions —->Specify Trusted Applications —->Add NBA2K16.exe
(Is Under The Take Two Interactive Software …. or click on the lens and write NBA2K16 …..)

Once open screen concerning NBA 2K16 I have flagged the following items;

– Allow interactions with KASOPERSKY internet security(not sure it’s important)

* Not examine all traffic(I have not specified doors / addresses) * I believe this is the key point.

NBA 2K16 error code efeab30c  XboxOne and PS4

2K support has said that if you stays in an offline game mode 30 minutes to an hour, an update would show up. so just play a play now game and wait for the nba2k update thing to pop up on screen. Then go back to main menu and let it do its thing.

The PC or XobxOne & PS4 has different solution for NBA 2K16 efeab30f error. you should according to your platform to choose which solutions. hope our have a good game.

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