How to Wear Created Shoes in NBA 2K16 MyCareer

NBA 2K16 is a famous game all over the world and it is more customized than the previous NBA 2K series. fans can creat their players’ face, tattoo, body type, shoes and so on. you can creat your player as you want in NBA 2K16 MyCareer.

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For example. If you go to Shoe creator then edit shoe and select like the Iverson questions then chage the color way. you already purchased the shoe before editing. When you goto the foot locker shoes option and wear it changed the color to the black and white to match your nets jersey since that’s who you play for on your career.
Here is the way to wear created shoes in NBA 2K16 MyCareer.


Go to the sneakers store, select the game mode (park, pro am&home,away), select the brand of your created shoe, buy it and equip it. Your created shoes don’t automatically change colours, they will always look exactly how you crated them no matter what jersey you are wearing.


Or you can follow as this

For starters you need to create a custom shoe by selecting the brand and this next part is very important – you need to note down the name of the shoe you want to edit. For example, if you want to edit the “Air Jordan XX” shoe then create your shoes and save them with any name you wish. Also note that when get to the part where you edit your player in the edit roster mode you will scroll down to “shoes/gear” and then choose colorway and scroll to the “Air Jordan XX” shoe and press X and then you will see the shoe you saved and be able to choose it. So in sum, create the shoe and note the name of the actual shoe and not the name you saved it as. Then add your created player to any teams roster by releasing that teams weakest player to free agency and the select your custom player under created players,select copy player and then choose the team that you just released a player from. Then choose add as a starter. Then you can to edit roster and choose your player and select edit player. Scroll to shoes and choose the name of the shoe you created such as “Air Jordan XX” – also make sure you choose colorway. Once you choose that shoe and click on it you will see the shoe you created and saved under whatever name you chose. Click on that name and the shoes will get added to your custom player.

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