The Step by Step Tutorial to Win the Dunk Contest in NBA 2K19 Career

The experience of the Dunk Contest in NBA 2K19 is kind of thrilling that you can’t miss. If you have never enjoy it, don’t worry, here you can get the chance to experience the Dunk Contest in NBA 2K19.



As we all know, the Dunk Contest is one of the most interesting mode in NBA 2K17.You can control players to attend the All-star Dunk Contest. While, NBA 2K17 is still plagued by some bugs including the All-Star Weekend event dunk contest or 3 point contest. Recently, it has fixed for All-Star Weekend Game-Breaking Bug In the latest NBA 2K17 1.04 Update. Now, you can attend all 4 events of the All Star Weekend in NBA 2K17 well. If you are confused how to win Dunk Contest in NBA 2K17 that you need read this article.


At the first place, we are supposed to know clearly how to play All-Star Weekend before we want to win Crazy Dunk Contest.


1.Go to League -Except default settings.

2.Choose your favorite team.

3.Go to calender.

4.Scroll to Feb 13th(the date may change each season).

5.Choose ‘Simulate through date’.

6.when prompted chose ‘Disable CPU Trade Offers’ & ‘Always Have CPU Adjust Rotation’.

7.Wait a few minutes for it to simulate games.

8.Now you can play. Enjoy!


When you started NBA 2K17, you will encounter a sudden game crash, thereby coming up the error “CE-34878-0”. But never mind, as NBA 2K17 1.04 update a temporary fix, players can try reloading the Career mode again. While it loads, detach your controller during the pre-game show. To connect their controller and press X then the down button on the D pad and then X again. The overall motive of this fix is to make the system pause the game before it crashes.

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