Pre-Order the Gold Edition to Get NBA 2K17 MyTeam Free Agent Cards

NBA 2K17 will come in the next month, in order to make more fans to pre-order the Gold edition of “NBA 2K17”, the 2K Sports has make more promotion. If you pre-order the game, you’re gonna get Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Paul George—basically, all former “NBA 2K” cover stars—free agent cards, all with overall […]


NBA 2K17 – Whether There Will be a New Olympic-Related Feature

The NBA 2K17 will released on September 20, more and more NBA 2K17 new features has been reported, recently, Forbes reports has show that an Olympic-style feature or mode will be included in NBA 2K17, and as Forbes reports said, If and when this mode or feature is confirmed, it will join the already announced fleshed-out versions […]


Top 10 NBA 2K17 Best Players Ratings Predictions in MyTeam

From the recent report, NBA 2K17’s career mode will introduce the ability to expand the current 30-team league to 36 clubs. it is the first time to add new franchises and incorporate them into the scheduling, draft, free agency and other complex parts of a league’s off-the-court administration. within two months to be released, more […]