10 Players Should Be New Body Types in NBA 2K17

There is no doubt that 2K Sports will work to capture facial scans of every NBA player they could, especially for these players they has not yet done well in NBA 2K16, before the result was some impressive head models for the majority of NBA Players in the game.
Here NBA2KBOX has collected some fans opinion to show the 10 players should be new body types in NBA 2K17. this list is in no particular order.
his head is literally almost attached to his shoulders in ’16 lol wiggins neck should be much longer.
Although it is not ensure that he will back in the next season, hope he could play again and he should have a new body type.
3.Andre Drummond
The same to Wiggins, but Drummond seems a lesser degreee.
4.Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard
Their thin legs should get address to be more real.
6.Chris Paul
His Shoulders in NBA 2K16 game seems strange, it need to be corrected.
7.Brandon Ingram
The second overall pick in NBA 2016 Draft who was selected by the Lakers in the first round. Ingram in NBA 2K17 game look like he did time at Pelican Bay and spent his days on the yard lifting weights. it is just terrible.
8.Bradley Beal
He gets no neck, the widest shoulders ever and longer arms than KD.
9.Allen Iverson
first of all that grayish hair makes him look like he’s 60. Regarding body types, his legs in game are medium which he never had, his legs in reality were thin as your average forearm.
10.Tristan Thompson
He has fallen victim to square shoulders and no neck body type which is weird seeing as though he was actually “body scanned” by 2K Sports.
Maybe there are still some players you love should create new body types not in the list. we believe that NBA 2K17 will bring some new body type for us, let’s look forward to it and our website will continue to focus on the NBA 2K17 body types

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