NBA 2K16 Copy Game Problem – How to Do When Slow or Stuck

It seems a common problem that it is stuck when you are copying NBA 2K16 game. There are quite a few players who has run into stuck and looked for help, especially for PS4. It is, with no doubt, one bug of the NBA 2K16 game, here NBA2KBOX will teach you how to solve the problem when your NBA 2K16 copy game is slow or stuck.



Method 1: Restart PS4

  1. Uninstall 2k16 from PS4
  2. Restart PS4
  3. Install 2k16 again from scratch.


Method 2: Restart the Game

  1. Did not play the quick game – I just let it copy
  2. Started to hear my PS4 disc drive doing a constant read (whining sound)
  3. Press eject button, took out disc and insert it back in
  4. Started the game and continue copying…


Method 3: Pause

  1. Close 2k16
  2. Go to downloads from the main menu
  3. Pause 2k16
  4. Wait a few seconds
  5. Press resume download


NBA2KBOX hope these method can solve your issue, In addition, PS4 games allow you to start playing before the game is fully installed, which means that you can play part of features when you are copying game.

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