NBA 2K16 Guide and Tips to Unlock MyCareer Attribute Upgrades

Although NBA 2K16 MyCareer mode is not the famous mode to players, there are quite a few player who want to be a superstar in the game, they need MyCareer mode to realize their dream.

The dominant basketball franchise from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts features a pseudo-story mode to its popular career mode. A scripted and unalterable storyline from film maker Spike Lee takes players through life as a high school and college basketball phenom and forces us to rush through a 10-game rookie season in the name of drama.

MyCareer mode in NBA 2K series game is special, because the players’ attribute in the game can be upgrades, here NBA2KBOX will show you the guide to unlock MyCareer attribute upgrades and some tips for your better game.



NBA 2K16 Guide to Unlock MyCareer Attribute Upgrades

1) In your 2nd season (minimum) of your MyCAREER, go to the calendar and look ahead to find a stretch of days with consecutive off-days. For example, after the all-star break there are 4 straight off-days.

2) Sim ahead to these points in the calendar, but play the game before the off-days or it won’t let you access the off-days. The game can be quickened by intentionally fouling out (if you don’t care about the stats for that game).

3) For each off day, choose “Live Practice”. If you want to speed up the process, just press start and “finish practice” instead of going through the entire practice. Finishing practice will give you a slot towards an attribute upgrade. Repeat this process for off-days for the best way to quickly get player attribute upgrades!


Tips to Unlock MyCareer Attribute Upgrades

  1. Doing the drills themselves give you a temporary boost for your next game and that’s it. You don’t need to do them at all. Just quit once practice starts.
  2. Some players complaint that they can not unlock attribute upgrades even though they do live practices, the reason is simple, they need more VC to unlock attribute upgrades.
  3. Sometime your cannot upgrade your player in the game, because the spot where your attributes get capped off until you achieve more badges.  you can unlock attributes after you play more games in my career.
  4. NBA 2K16 introduces an attribute cap for positions, so you need to be extra careful in choosing which player you choose and how you’re going to play that position. The weight of your player won’t have an impact on how quick or strong your player is, but rather the position of your player will. That means that creating a C will make it a lot harder to run the length of the court on a fast-break than it has been in past years. If you want to run the court and be constantly involved with ball movement and pacing, then one of the guard positions is probably ideal.

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