NBA 2K16 MyPark Tips – How to Play in Good Squads

As we all know, MyPark is one of mode in NBA 2K16 game, lots of fans love to play it, MyPark features 3 cities, 3 Parks, 3 unique brands of basketball. The Old Town are known for their flashy, up-tempo play. The Rivet City Rough Riders on the other hand prefer aggressive and relentless play, “with physical play dictating the action above all else”, here is some tips for all newbie to play NBA 2K16 MyPark.



  1. The dribble three-point shot especially early in the game is a bad shot. It should only come from a dribble or a pass and break away from the defender. Even though you are a three-point specialist or you are wide open, it is still a low percentage shot.


  1. Do not heat check, this game has set parameters when you will not be allowed to score and heat checking only makes you cold.


  1. You do not have to shoot in the first 5 seconds, there is a shot clock usually 24 seconds.


  1. When you are the point guard and you bring the ball down the floor, stop at the top of the key, you do not have to run straight to the paint every time you pass the half court. Get in the habit of holding R1while walking down the floor so that the icons to pass come up.


  1. As the point Guard, when you bring the ball down the floor, check the defenders and the team instead of the crossover move. It is a mistake to do a crossover ever time. This game keeps track of the dribble moves you make and as the game continues, the more dribbles you make the more likely you are to get stripped.

Apart from the fact that if you look at the defenders and where you are going, you can avoid getting stripped, dribbling makes the player tired and they are not needed at half court on every possession.


  1. Do not try to block so much or stealing so much. There is no need to block or steal every time, the opponent just has to miss and if you keep steady pressure throughout the game, he will miss a few shots and that is all you need, if he is shooting jumper, run to him and he will eventually miss.

Also when you block, you are not rebounding, forget the blocks and aim to get rebounds.


  1. Pay more attention to the defenders. Consider making assists to the players on the other side of the court, though you cannot see them, you can see the defenders and wherever the player is he is wide open. Making such a pass give a higher percentage of score.


  1. The catch and shoot has an on time pass. Therefore, if you are shooter and another guy drives and kicks, if he is late to pass, you will miss. If he drives and kicks while still running, it is a good shot but if he drives gets stopped then passes, you are more likely to miss and there is a high percentage for you to reset. For more about the nba 2k16 mt you can come to


  1. If you are one of the guys who get messed up by the game messes because you are standing on the court, you have to sign out and all the people waiting for the game have to step off. The six circles should be in green at the same time in order to reset the court.


  1. Do not play defense on your own teammates. You should draw a line between the rim and the ball and never cross it. Also play in the right angles. This game recognizes spacing and if a player shoots with you right next, then his percentage will go down.


  1. Assists are valueable. Dont underestimate them.


  1. Please don’t be a 7’0 SF, its just dumb. you can play guard and just load up on playmaker/jump shooter/athlete and a little inside shooting.


  1. The best way to build your player, whatever the position, would be to put as much on athlete, jump shooter, and defender. if your rebounding is on level 3 or 4 and you can probably grab 15 boards a game with my 6’7″ shooting guard. Rebounding is all about boxing out and getting position on your defender, as well as timing. Put some attributes on playmaker so you can make accurate passes and get assists as well. 


  1. Depends on your play style. You wanna be a shooter or someone who drives in and dunks on everyone. With enough time you can be both though lol. Oh and don’t max your skill tree thing if you want to get ratings over a certain amount. The skill tree stops jump shooter at 95 for me and I can never go higher. I’d say stop at the one before (93) and apply the 5+ boost to it when needed to make it 98. Get a NBA animation too, the default ones aren’t that great and you’ll get way more green releases with a NBA animation 


Maybe the NBA 2K16 tips above are incompletion, however, they can give some benefits to some newbie who has their first contact with MyPark mode. and those tips can help play better in a good squads.

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