NBA 2K16 Tutorial – How to Make Professional Jumpshot in MyCareer

Stephen Curry has been one of the best shooters in NBA history with no doubt, jumpshot has been more and more important in the NBA match as well as the NBA 2K16 games. To make professional jumpshot, you need not only choose a excellent shooters, but the release time is also important, here NBA2KBOX will give teach you how to make professional jumpshot in NBA 2k16 Mycareer.



Before you choose your favorite  players, you should know that different shooters has different default set, which means that each shooters has different release time.


1. Choose Your Favorite Players

There are lots of good shooters in NBA 2K16 games, Which brings us to Steph Curry, who functions, in real life, like an overpowered video game character. Obviously he’s one of the most selected guys in the game, but new players may find him harder to master. That’s because for the first time, the developers coded the game so that Curry shoots the ball on the way up—rather than at the apex of his jump—just as he does in real life.

Besides the Curry, Jamal Crawford, J.R. Smith, John Wall, Lamarcus Aldridge, Monta Ellis, Damian Lillard and so on.


2. Get the Optimal Release Time

Jamal Crawford and J.R. Smith may use release 27, John Wall releases 33, as we have said, different players has its own shot rhythm and its suitable release time. You can go to the 2K forum to discuss with the other players for your player’s best release time. Usually you can get an good answer. If cannot, you should try by yourself.


3. Practice More

There’s no royal road to success even you have got the recognized release time, you need do more practice to adapt to the shoot rhythm.
At last, here are two recommended shoot base in NBA 2K16 for Newbies.

Lamarcus Aldrige and Set Shot 4 (on quick of course)
Release 71 on Set Shot 4 (release 71 is Kyle Korvers shot form)
Release 8 on Set Shot 4 (release 8 is JJ Redicks shot form)
Damian Lillard on Set Shot 4 (liked it better than the Kyrie)
Kyrie on Set Shot 4 (pretty good)
Iguodala on Set Shot 4 and Vince Carter on a Lamarcus base, both on quick are the recommended jumpshots so far
Iguodala has that nice high release and high arc and with set shot 4, it helps you turn more towards the basket
a high arc shot + a shot base that makes u turn towards the basket = a great jumpshot
for the Vince Carter, Aldrige base shot, it was just really reliable for me on quick


NBA2KBOX hope this tutorial will give your some benefit, our website share NBA 2K16 & NBA2K17 Game Guide and Tutorial.

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