NBA 2K17 Legend Edition – Legends Live On for Kobe

Although Kobe has announced the retirement, 2K Sports have paid tribute to Kobe Bryant with their NBA 2K17 Legend Edition. Bryant is the cover star for the special edition of this year’s NBA title, and a new trailer pays tribute to all of the Kobe players and haters from over the years. “Nah man, I’m not retiring” says a boy riding a bike at the beginning of the spot.


This video is released by NBA 2K official, every players can watch it in YouTube, it’s said that The NBA 2K17 Legend Edition will highlight Bryant’s career with special Kobe-themed memorabilia and digital content, extending his legacy for fans beyond his final NBA game for the L.A Lakers tonight.

There is no doubt that Kobe deserves the nod of respect from NBA 2K, The video game developer counts the future Hall of Famer as one of the few NBA stars to have been featured in every installment of its NBA 2K series, including the current NBA 2K16.

You can watch this video in NBA 2K YouTube as well.

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