NBA 2K17 New Feature – Face Scan App and Signature Animations

The NBA 2K17 game will release on Sep 20. more feature about game has released recently – NBA 2K17 Face scan and Signature Animations, besides the  two of major features, 2K Sports manager Ronnie Singh also revealed that the NBA Rookie of year and Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns appears on the game cover along with NBA’s hottest young stars.

nba 2k17 face scan


The face scan process for NBA 2K16 was broken. The same could be said for the feature in NBA 2K15, but it was at least possible to get an accurate render. In last year’s version, if you were a bald black guy like me, no matter how still you kept your head during the scan, it always seemed to come out looking like some other follicle-challenged brother.


With this in mind, the 2K Sports will apply the new face-scanning in the game.According to Forbes reports that, EA Sports’ “NBA Live 2016” actually had a better slightly more accurate face scan app that “NBA 2K17” seems to be trying to take after. it’s hard to say whether is better or not. because the consumer-lever face-scanning technology does not mature.


Except for NBA 2K17 Face Scan App, the next game will also set to feature the franchise’s biggest amount of signature animations for most NBA superstars. Players can control the said animations using the right stick. Singh also teased fans of Yeezy shoes’ appearance in the next game.Meanwhile, Rookie of the Year awardee and Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns joins NBA’s hottest rising stars that appear on the game cover of the NBA 2K17. with the addtion of Draymond Green, which proclaimed by 2K Sport official Twitter. you can learn more detail from this artical – NBA 2K17 Cover Draymond Green.


The NBA 2K17 Cover, so far, seven star has released already.


The NBA 2K17 will drop on Sep 20, The standard edition will cost the usual $59.99 while the Legend Edition will cost $79.99 and the Legend Edition Gold Edition will cost $99.99.

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