NBA 2K17 Tutorial – How to Make Sweet Post Moves in Court

Although speed plays more and more important role in modern basketball, traditional post move seems less and less affect in match, but most superstar like Lebron Jmaes, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are good at low post moves, learn how to make sweet post moves in NBA 2K17 will boost your tactic in match and help you win the game finally.



How to Make Sweet Post Moves in Match

Drop step to baseline. After receiving the ball, feel where the defender is. …
Drop step to lane (jump hook). After receiving the ball, feel where the defender is. …
Turn and face defender and jab step. After receiving the ball, feel where the defender is. …
Up and under move. …
Dribble-drop move. …
Step-out move.


How to Control in NBA 2K17

To enter Post Mode: Press and hold L2 (Playstation) or LT (Xbox) to post up
To drive toward the key: R2/RT + Left stick toward key
To drive to the baseline: R2/RT + Left stick toward baseline
Spin Move: Rotate stick outside
Hook Drive: Rotate shot inside
Fakes: Move the shot stick in any direction away from basket
Tips: Different platform has different controls, don’t confuse. the last thing is choose a suitable player, just practice in match.


Here is some Post Moves Skills you can apply to every mode in NBA 2K17

Do the Micheal Jordan Fadeaway
After you post up with L2, push the left stick and right stick away from the the basket and that’s all.

Do Fake and Than Go Back Around
While holding L2, tap Square while holding the left stick in what ever direction is away from the basket. Your center should pump fake. If you get the defender in there air and don’t press anything your center should automatically spin back around (this only works with certain centers )

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