The Step-by-Step Tutorial to Win the Dunk Contest in NBA 2k16 Career

The Dunk Contest is one of the interesting mode in the NBA 2K16 Career, you can control player to attend the Dunk Contest, some players complained that the Dunk Contest in NBA 2K16 Career is crazy hard to win, they added that when they did the hard dunks and got like a 50 even when they hit all the buttons, the computer did a simple dunk and get like a 89, it seems unfair. here NBA2KBOX will teach you the tutorial to win the Dunk Contest in NBA 2K16 Career.



Firstly, you should know how to play All-Star Weekend:

  1. Go to MyLeague -Except default settings
  2. Choose your favorite team
  3. Go to calender
  4. Scroll to Feb 13th(the date may change each season)
  5. Choose ‘Simulate through date’
  6. when prompted chose ‘Disable CPU Trade Offers’ & ‘Always Have CPU Adjust Rotation’
  1. Wait a few minutes for it to simulate games…
  2. Done! Now you can play. Enjoy!


Secondly, you should know the dunks used:

Round 1:

Style: Teammate Help. Dunk: Teammate Handoff East  Bay Windmill.

Round 2:

Style: Teammate Help. Dunk: East Bay Throw Over Players.

Round 3:

Style: Props. Dunk: Get Over It.


Finally, after you have get ready, you should know how to get more high score in the Dunk Contest. Just make sure you hit the right buttons on time.. if you miss a few, your score will be less. choose hard dunks and practice the good ones (easy ones) hit the right buttons and moves, and win. if you can not hit the right buttons on time, you should practice more time. There’ll be no cutting corners for you to win.

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