Top 3 Things Should be improved in NBA 2K17 MyCareer

With the NBA 2K17 only three months away, some fans has great expectations of the upcoming NBA 2K17, there is no doubt that it will have much more improvement for 2K17 comparing to 2K16, here is the top 3 things should be improved in NBA 2K17 My Career.




Be More Creative and Living Our Dream

MyCareer in NBA 2K16 is called “Living The Dream”, but the truth is “Living The Reality”, for example, if you wanted to create a player like Dirk Nowitzki , You can not because the maximum value of 3 is 75. Or as Jason Richardson , excellent shot from 3 alternate at medium range . Or a strong guard in the low post as Jordan or Kobe . I can not because the technical limits me dictate. And these are just a few examples , but there are hundreds. the attribute caps are obviously put in place to stop the 7’3 centers from having 99 speed and shooting threes, but this caps really need to fix and improve.


Add More Scholl & College Teams

High school and college games in NBA 2K16 is really indifferent and it should play a more important role in the MyCareer Mode, the better solution is to add more schools & college teams in, give us a base of 5 generic high schools and 10 games in high school and college each. Make that part of the mode adjustable in length of game so you can display skills to determine how you want to play in the NBA.


More Badges and Rich Celebration

Some players said that when they broke the record in a game, there was a cool graphic flashed at the bottom of the screen showing their new record. the celebration seems simple and poor, which makes them feel few excite. however, If a record is broken in the actual NBA, that’s all you’re going to see on Sportscenter for the next week. besides the rich celebration, the badges should also add more and every position should not have access to almost every badge. some players would like to see a few more restricted to position with more emphasis on play styles instead of just being accomplishments.


These 3 things above is currently most-mentioned, beside, the secondary positions, endorsements, Announcers and presentation are also mentioned. in general, most players hold high expectation for the next NBA 2K17.

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