Top 5 Players Ratings Should be Upgraded in NBA 2K17 MyTeam

It’s said that NBA 2K17 will be available to own on September 20, 2016 with Paul George on the cover. some players ratings will upgrade in the upcoming NBA 2k17, here NBA2KBOX will present the top 5 players whose ratings should be upgrades by far.


Stephen Curry_nba2kbox

Stephen Curry: Should be Upgrade to 95 from 93

Curry got the MVP again, he is the best player at present even beyond Lebron James. the Warriors got the best record in the NBA history. there is no reason that his rating will not be upgrade. 95 is all ringht.


Klay Thompson_nba2kbox

Klay Thompson: Should be Upgrade to 89 from 87

Klay is a good SG. Go for 3 pointers, he will be always where he needs to be, you can also try some pump fakes and then do some driving layups and eventually draw some fouls. he should get more rating because of his excellent show in the game 6 with Thunder.


Russell Westbrook_nba2kbox

Russell Westbrook: Should be Upgrade to 90 from 89

Although Westbrook rates 89 in NBA 2K16, his detailed rating is bad with only 85 Vertical and 70 Moving, if you have watched his match, you may know how this data unimaginable. he is a excellent player and deserve to upgrade a little.


Damian Lillard_nba2kbox

Damian Lillard: Should be Upgrade to 88 from 86

Lillard is a really good PG. Go for pick ‘n’ rolls and driving layups/dunks with him. Apply some badges in order to unleash his power. A very good player. He can really change the rhythm of the match with his speed and explosiveness. A PG like him can be always useful. But remember that he can suffer really good attackers. his rating deserve to upgrade a little to 88.


C. J. McCollum

 J. McCollum: Should be Upgrade to 85 from 83

McCollum has got the MIP this season, even his rating has upgrade to 83 Gold Card. dont forget that he is only 24 and he can have a better future in NBA as well as NBA 2K16. his rating should upgrade to 85.


Beside these player whose ratings may get upgraded in the NBA 2K17, there are also some players that his ratings will degrade such as James Harden, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving and so on. please pay attention to NBA2KBOX, we will give you the latest prediction about the NBA 2K17.

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