How to Trade Players in NBA 2K16 GM Mode

NBA2K16’s GM mode is almost similiar with Dynasty mode with a little bit differences. In GM mode, basketball game is not just a sport game, but a management game, in which you can experience managing a team, trading player, getting sponsor and so on. Of course, your final goal is to win the champion. So, let’s figure out how to trade players in GM mode.Player development and trade is the core of GM mode. We can realize the goal of winning by improving the team and upgrading the tactics.So, let’s figure out how to trade players in NBA 2K16 GM mode.

nba 2k16 gm mode trade players


1.NBA 2K16 GM Mode Player Category: Rookies, Established Players and Veterans


Rookies have moderate capacities and great potential. Their in game performances are of high trading value. They are worthy cultivating.

Established players have been playing for NBA for a long time and have strong capacities. They are the main force of each team.

Veterans are relatively older with declining ability. They are available for low prices and are easy to trade.


2.A few rules and tips I use for GM to make it a little more realistic


No more than 3 in season trades but I try to stick to 2. Why because nobody rebuilds their roster completely during the season thats what the offseason is for.

Don’t Trade Made Men. This rule is simple if a player has been with a team his whole career and has won a championship you can’t trade them. Players on the Made Man List are Dirk, The Big 3 from the Spurs Timmy, Manu, & Tony Parker. Kobe and D.Wade are both Laker and Heat lifers respectably. Full disclosure I can only remember 1 Made Man being traded in the last 5 or 10 years Paul Pierce from Boston to Brooklyn.

Make at least one draft class in NBA2k16. 2K has always had amazing player creation and this really gives scouting a personal feel. My brother and I spend hours creating fictional draft classes.

Guys who can dunk and shoot 3’s are what makes video game hoops fun. Here’s a list of players(in no order) that are better NBA2k16 hoopers then their NBA counterpart. Gerald Green, Nick Young, Zack LaVine, Terrence Ross. Alec Burks, Iman Shumpert, JR. Smith, Ben McLemore.

If you get tired of playing the same teams over and over again do fantasy draft. Another favorite of mine is to create a roster and add legends to their present day team. For example giving the Bulls MJ and Pippen to add to D.Rose, Noah, and Gasol is fun. Or putting Dominique Wilkins on the Hawks. Bring Shaq and Penny back in Orlando. Doing this adds a challenge off no off nights on your schedule.


At last, trading players is the core in GM mode, if you wanna build a perfect team, more thinking and hanging over in BBS is very significant.

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