How to Make Good Draft Picks Trading in NBA 2K16 MyGM

There are totally 6 modes in NBA 2K16, MyCAREER, MyGM are sigle player. MyLEAGUE Online, MyTEAM, Play Now Online and My Park are Online. the most famous game mode are MyCareer and Mayteam. however, the other mode has lots of fans as well. as for MyGM.
The premise of MyGM is the same as last year. You take control of a franchise, receive specific goals from your team’s owner, and then receive XP by completing those goals. it is a great process to experience a team GM and the key to play well is know how to make good draft picks trading, which can make your team more competitive.

nba 2k16 mygm


Different player category in NBA 2K16 MyGM – Rookies, Established Players and Veterans

Rookies have moderate capacities and great potential. Their in game performances are of high trading value. They are worthy cultivating.
Established players have been playing for NBA for a long time and have strong capacities. They are the main force of each team.
Veterans are relatively older with declining ability. They are available for low prices and are easy to trade.
It is the same in the NBA 2K16 game, the top teams will buy one or two veterans players to boost their teams’ experience and they may sacrifice their teams’ future to some extent to sell rookies and draft picks. on the comtrary, the weak-teams perfer to get rookes and draft picks by selling veteran players, which looks at the future.Before making any major trades, we can make simulate the trades with the computer. When it comes to the second round draft pick, make an good transaction is a good choice.


NBA 2K16 Draft Picks and Rookies Tips

It is the same in NBA 2K16 game as the real. the weak-teams has the high posibility to get high draft pick. for example, if you use 76ers to start the game. you will very likely to pick a 3 star in the draft pick. if you use one of the top teams like Warrior, it is hard for you to get a good pick.


MyGM is a more personalized experience where you’re a GM that gets “hired’ by an organization to run the team. You’ll have “meetings” with your owner, coaching staff, players, and the media to try to keep everyone happy. You’ll even be forced to focus on pricing the tickets and concessions appropriately. In addition to all that, it has an RPG element where as you gain experience, you actually get better as a GM, making it easier for you to do your job well. if you want to learn more guide and tutorial about NBA 2K16 MyGM, you can pay attention to our website.

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