NBA 2K16 Guide – How to Build a New Myleague

MyLeague mode in NBA 2K16 is touted as a “sandbox” version of NBA 2K16 MyGM; it features most features in MyGM in that the player controls an NBA organization, customizing basketball aspects, and making money. However, MyLeague features more online multiplayer components, whereas MyGM is single-player only, and has similar customization options to MyTeam. MyLeague features more customization options than MyGM and removes certain ‘rules’ to allow flexibility for the player. For example, the player can freely relocate their team, trade players, change team aesthetics, and purchase upgrades without restrictions. The player may enter a MyLeague association made up of 30 user-controlled teams, instead of one user- and 29 CPU-controlled teams.

nba 2k16 myleague guide


Here are the guidelines to build a new myleague to be better:
1. If you have a 8th-11th seed team like the Magic it’s better to just tank. Trade good players with more than 3 years on their contract and keep your youngsters.
2. Give your high potential players plenty of minutes. 25-35 depending. This would probably be Mario hezonja, Elfrid Payton, Aaron Gordon, and probably vucevic if you don’t trade him.
3. Tank the first few years. I needed help with this in 2k16 because I kept winning too much. Keep your draft picks and if possible take other team’s as well.
4. When you finally have a good base of young players and cap space, splash in free agency. Check upcoming free agents at the end of every year to see if there are FAs worth getting. If there are, get them at all costs. Plan your team around them and your young core, remembering that some of your youngsters will only develop into good bench players so don’t worry about replacing them with a superstar. The last thing to remember about FA is sign any FAs including bench players to minimum three year contracts: that way you will retain their bird rights and will be able to resign them over the cap.
5. Small thing: get rid of the hard cap. The NBA has no hard cap. Sure, it’s also unrealistic to spend 200 million on payroll like you probably will in the later years of a dynasty, but imagine you have a really cool owner and your 5 time champ Magic are raking in the dough.



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