The NBA 2K17 Incredible Superteams Beat The Warriors

With the Kevin Durant joined tht Warriors this summer, the Golden State Warriors has been the enemy of the alliance, lots of fans want to know how to beat such superteam, the next season will been come in Oct and they can simulate this match in the upcoming NBA 2K17 game.



So waht’s the fans’ superteam that can beat the Warriors in NBA 2K17. all the below teams are mentions by the fans in reddit. NBA2KBOX is resonsible for editing.


LeBron, Jr Smith, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Tristan Thompson

Mike Conley, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, KAT, Steven Adams

Lebron, Redick, Ryan Anderson, Kyle Korver, Porzingus

damian lillard, cj mccollum, paul george, dirk nowitzki or bosh if healthy, rudy gobert

Kyle Lowry, Avery Bradley, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, Steven Adams

chris paul, jr smith, stanley johnson( or harrison barnes), lebron, Tristan thompson

Kemba, Jimmy butler, pg13, kristaps, Marc gasol

Russell Westbrook, Avery Bradley/JJ Redick/Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Luol Deng, Steven Adams

Russel Westbrook, Avery Bradley, Paul George, Ryan Anderson, Hassan Whiteside

Russell Westbrook, Tony Allen, Kawhi Leonard, Zach Randolph, Steven Adams

Kyrie Irving, CJ McCollum, Kawhi Leonard, Dirk Nowitzki, Steven Adams

Mike Conley, Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Kristaps Porzingis, Demarcus Cousins

Rose, Korver, Kawaii, AD, D. Jordan

Wall Avery, Bradley, LeBron, Markeiff Morris, Vucevic

Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, Mike Conley, CJ McCollum, and Thaddeus Young

Kawhi, Pau, Lowry, Hayward, Horford

Westbrook, Towns, Hayward, Middleton, and Porzingis

Kyrie Irving, C.J. McCollum, Giannis, Anthony Davis, Steven Adams

Kyrie, McCollum, PG, Melo, Adams

Rose, Butler, Kawhi, Towns, Adams

Lebron, Kawhi, Kemba Walker, Bismack Biyombo, and Ryan Anderson, Kyrie Wade, George Pau, Gobert

Lowry, Wiggins, Lebron, KP, Steven Adams

Conley, McCollum, Paul George, Horford, Towns

Mike Conley, A. Bradley, Kawhi, AD, Robin Lopez.

Mike Conley, Avery Bradley, Gordon Hayward, Lebron James, DeAndre Jordan

westbrook, hayward, giannis, porzingi, gasol

Patrick Beverly, JR Smith, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Steven Adams

Avery Bradley, Jimmy Butler, PG13, Serge Ibaka, DeAndre Jordan

Ricky Rubio, Zach LaVine, Andrew Wiggins, Blake Griffin, and KAT

Russ, Oladipo, Paul George, Hayward, Steven Adams

Lowry, McCollum, Reddick, Lebron, Gobert

CP3, Danny Green, Paul George, Paul Millsap, Nerlens Noel

Conley, Kawhi Leonard, gordon hayward, Anthony Davis, Steven Adams

Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, Patrick Patterson, Serge Ibaka

Kyle Lowry, Bradley Beal, Paul George, Zach Randolph, KAT

John Wall, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Thaddeus Young or Taj Gibson, Bismack Biyombo

Westbrook, Avery Bradley, Kevin Durant, LeBron, Steven Adams

Westbrook, Redick, Kawhi, any mediocre PF, and Deandre

Lenardo Barbosa, Ricky Rubio, Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond

LeBron, McCollum, Michael Conley, Dwight Howard, Andrea Bargani.


BTW: All the team squad are just for fun, do not be seriously. here is the game in imgur.

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