NBA 2K17 – Whether There Will be a New Olympic-Related Feature

The NBA 2K17 will released on September 20, more and more NBA 2K17 new features has been reported, recently, Forbes reports has show that an Olympic-style feature or mode will be included in NBA 2K17, and as Forbes reports said, If and when this mode or feature is confirmed, it will join the already announced fleshed-out versions of MyGM and MyLeague as part of what could be another jam-packed feature set for NBA 2K17.
The Rio Olympics begin on 5 August and end on 21 August, the USA Olympic entire squad has confirmed, here is the complete list that will appear in NBA 2K17 Olympic game.

  • David Andersen
  • Cameron Bairstow
  • Aron Baynes
  • Andrew Bogut
  • Ryan Broekhoff
  • Matthew Dellavedova
  • Dante Exum
  • Chris Goulding
  • Joe Ingles
  • Kevin Lisch
  • Damian Martin
  • Patrick Mills
  • Brock Motum



The upcoming NBA 2K17 cover is Paul George, one can assume that the Olympics may play a part in the game. Like “NBA 2K16’s” cover, the artwork once again features the cover star in three different jerseys. While last year’s covers featured Steph Curry and James Harden in their NBA uniforms as well as college uniforms, this year’s cover features George in his Pacers uniform and Team USA jersey.
Last year’s artwork featuring college uniforms tied in with licensed universities appearing in the game’s career mode. While the 2016 Summer Olympics will already be over by the time “NBA 2K17” launches, international teams with some sort of international tournament could make an appearance.
However, It is still hard to say whether there will be a new NBA 2K17 Olympic feature or mode, because the 2K has not bought out any detail about the ‘NBA 2K17 Olympic’, it is worth expecting.

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