New Cards Should Add to NBA 2K17 MyTeam

MyTeam is maybe the most popular mode in 2k16 as well as the upcoming NBA 2k17, There will add more new cards in NBA 2K17 MyTeam, here NBA2KBOX will give you the new cards should add to NBA 2K17 MyTeam.



Some Moments and Historic Player cards

Moments 2014 “9 Steal Game” Michael Carter-Williams 90 ov.
Moments 2011 Dirk 94 ov. (as mentioned above)
Historic 2009 Andrew Bogut 91 ov.
TBT 2007 Dirk 98 ov.
Historic 1996 Penny Hardaway 91 ov.
Moments 1991 Shawn Kemp 92 ov.
Moments 1992 “Shrug” Michael Jordan 96 ov.
Historic 1996 Scottie Pippen 94 ov.
Historic 2002 Michael Jordan 88 ov.
Historic 1922 Chuck Taylor 76 ov.
TBT 2005 Manu Ginobili 90 ov.
Historic 2005 Lamar Odom 85 ov.
TBT 2012 Andrew Bynum 87 ov.



And some historic coach cards with real boosts:

1996 Phil Jackson: +10 team offensive consistency
2004 Larry Brown: +10 team defensive consistency
1976 Bob Knight: +20 team hustle
1992 Coach K: +10 team shot IQ
1964 John Wooden: +15 team standing shot close
1987 Pat Riley: +10 team driving layup



And some classic arenas with boosts:

2007 Warriors: Free throw shaking X 2; loudest arena in the game.
1994 Sonics: Free throw shaking X 1.5; 2nd loudest arena in the game.
1997 Jazz: -5 opponent team offensive consistency.
1960s/1970s teams: no 3pt line.
1992 Barcelona Olympic court: +10 to team driving dunk
1996 Space Jam court: +5 to team speed.



here is the idea released by us, if you have different new card idea, you can comment below or go to our Q&A to ask questions about NBA 2K17 New cards.

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