NBA 2K16 Guide – Create Tattoos for MyPlayer

You will be not unfamiliar with the J.R. Smith’s characteristic tattoos. which even made to T-shirt. Tattoos is one of important logo for some NBA Stars, even the “good man” Lebron Jame, he also has his tattoos. fans want to imitate his favorite player’s tattoos in real as well as in the game. You can easily Create your player’s tattoos in MyCarrer.
Create Tattoos

It’s simple for you to create your MyPlayer’ tattoos. Go to FEATURES/OPTIONS – MyPlayer – TATTOOS. You can choose all kind of tattoos as you like.


Apply Tattoos

Choose your favorite tattoos in MyPlayer and click it. you will apply it.


NBA 2K16 Tattoos Tips

NBA 2K16 allows fully customizable tattoos, it Features over 1,500 tattoo designs, players will be allowed to scale, rotate and even layer the tattoos onto players.
NBA 2K16’s fully customizable tattoos also causes trouble,Solid Oak Sketches, who has a deal worked out with certain NBA players so that they own the copyright on many of their tattoo designs, claim that Take-Two has used eight different designs without their permission on Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and Kenyon Martin in the 2K series. So it’s hard to say the NBA 2K17 tattoos will be more better.

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