NBA 2K17 Prediction – Some Differences in Blacktop Mode?

If you are a NBA 2K series older player, you are probably familiar with the blacktop mode. Blacktop Mode in years past had options that let the user customize the game in ways that make the current mode feel like a complete afterthought. Going back all of 3 years, NBA 2K11 had the ability to play 2v2 up to 5v5 in full or half court games and the amazing local multiplayer fun that is 21. NBA 2K10’s Blacktop Mode had a Dunk Contest that wasn’t a Guitar Hero knockoff, actual street dribble moves the players could pull off, and even multiple courts to play on, in addition to the features above.


Since NBA 2K16, the blacktop mode is only availble on Ios and Andriod, it seems little siginificant in NBA 2K series. some blacktop mode fans wonder whether there will some new differences in the upcoming NBA 2K17?

Probably no any new difference, because there are still any details about this mode. you can continue to pay attention to it.


    Here is  the NBA 2k16 Blacktop Mode details:

  • As seen in the capture below, you can play 1v1-5v5,
  • You cannot choose if the game is full or half court,
  • You cannot choose what point to play to,
  • No HORSE,
  • No Dunk Contest,
  • No 3 Point Contest,
  • No 21,
  • Players wear their individual team uniforms (home and away as appropriate),
  • There are at least 2 courts that the game will choose for you to play on (Rucker Day, Rooftop),
  • Despite using HOME and AWAY logos teams are called BALLERS and RINGERS,
  • You have to Purchase Star Players with VC to use them in Blacktop Mode ( Using LB/RB you can cycle the player pool between NBA/Legends/MyPlayer,
  • The 2K12 DLC’s announcer MCs the game,
  • No fancy dribble moves or dunks,
  • 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 are half court and 4v4, 5v5 are full court,

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