NBA 2K19 Guide: Best Signature Skills for Every Position

As we all know, there are different positions in the basketball game, such as a forward and a back substitute. Of course, it is no exception in NBA 2K19. Apparently, the signature skills vary in every position. In this passage, I will introduce the best signature skills for your players.



This is the best signature skill for creating space to get your shot off or to get by the defense. If you have lockdown defender, you take away all the signature skills of the person you are guarding. That’s a huge advantage. This also improves foot-planting so your my player is less likely to slide around.

If your player is on doldrums, Floor General and Defensive Anchor works.

If you want to play above your rating, Microwave + Heat Retention equals staying hot all game.

If you want to cheese the 3s, Spot up Shooter+ Deadeye will have you over 50%.



You are supposed to grab 3-6 extra rebounds and then grab the Scrapper sig skill. If you want your my player to be able to withstand some contact and still make the shot, this is the best sig skill for that, and it will also make your my player a fiercer dunker.

If dunking on people who you like, Posterizer+ Gatorade Pack equals cheese dunks on everyone in the first quarter.

If you want to pass the basketball more successfully, you should also grasp corresponding skills. You’d better catch the open ball. You can tap the button to jump up to obtain the chance to get the ball.


Every player has different signature skill. Different signature skills are unique to their position, player type, and what kind of player you want your player to be.

So you are supposed to make clear your position and the player you want to be.

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