How to Make Good Draft Picks Trading in NBA 2K19

Starting with the 2019 draft pick, the NBA will change the draft pick form to a system NBA 2K19 is fully integrated into this new lottery system to MyLEAGUE and MyGM. NBA2K19 adds a year of draft picks, 2K18 only allows you to get draft picks for the next 4 years, and 2K19 now allows you to get draft picks for the next 5 years. A subtle change, but allows you to plan your own dynasty more flexibly!These will be customized by the user and will be easy to use.

NBA 2K19 includes a simple new interface that allows you to view all of your owned draft picks for the next 5 years, all in one single menu. This includes all the information you need, including what team the pick originated from, and any details on pick protections (if applicable).

In addition to this, you can toggle over to another view that shows all of your team’s picks (even if you no longer own them) for the next 5 years. This is a very handy tool if, say, you are considering ‘tanking’ next season and would like to get your 1st round pick back before doing so.



New Rule Changes

There are a small handful of new rule changes this year. Here are some either topical to current NBA discussions, or in the case of the last one, a little fantastical.

The first rule is quite simple. When enabled, 8 teams will still make the playoffs from each conference, however, all 16 teams that make it are ultimately seeded 1 to 16.  Yes, this means you can have foes from opposite conferences squaring off in the first round of the playoffs and rivals from the same conference meeting in the NBA Finals.  There has been so much discussion in the media about how we can ‘save’ the playoffs format with all the talent moving West.

The other rule change (that is an office favorite) is one we have added that creates the concept of a lottery tournament. When this rule is activated, the teams that do not make the playoffs enter into their own bracket. The stakes are high! The winner of the lottery tournament will land the #1 pick in the draft, while the remaining lottery picks will be determined by placement in the tournament.  Tankers need not apply here! We actually have a few variants on this rule change where the top pick or top 2 picks are determined by the tournament (the loser in the Finals gets that #2 pick), while the remainder of the lottery picks are determined by team record.

As a reminder on the rule changes feature, it is entirely optional! You will now have complete control over how little or how many rule changes affect your franchises.

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